Occupying the northeast corner of Africa, Egypt is divided by the highly fertile Nile Valley. Its essentially pro-Western, military-backed regime is being challenged by Islamic fundamentalists.


Fertile Nile Valley separates arid Libyan Desert from smaller semiarid eastern desert. 

Sinai peninsula has mountains in south.


Summers are very hot, but winters are cooler. 

Rainfall is negligible, except on the coast.

People & Society:

Despite a long tradition of ethnic and religious tolerance, the rise of Islam has sparked clashes between Muslims and Copts (Coptic Christianity is one of the Church’s earliest branches). 

Women play a full part in education and the economy, though this is threatened by Islamism. 

Rapidly growing population is a problem. 

Poverty is rife around Cairo.


Oil and gas. 


Tolls from the Suez Canal. 

Successful tourist industry, in spite of terrorist attacks. 

High birth-rate and rural poverty.

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