Eswatini (Swaziland)

The tiny southern African kingdom of Eswatini is crippled with HIV/AIDS and economically dependent on South Africa. Vocal demands for multiparty democracy have been ignored.


Mainly high plateaus and mountains. 

Rolling grasslands and low scrub plains to the east. 

Pine forests on western border.


Temperatures rise and rainfall declines as the land descends eastward, from high to low grassy veld.

People & Society:

One of Africa’s most conservative states, though there is pressure from urban-based modernizers. 

Political system promotes Swazi tradition and is dominated by powerful monarchy. 

Women face discrimination. 

Swaziland has world’s highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS: chastity is urged to combat its spread.


Sugarcane is the main cash crop. 

Wood pulp and soft drink concentrates are also exported. 

Loss of workforce to HIV/AIDS, and high cost of health care.

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