The largest Scandinavian country by both population and area, Sweden has one of the world’s most extensive welfare systems and is among the leading proponents of equal rights for women.


Heavily forested, with many lakes. 

Northern plateau extends beyond the Arctic Circle. 

Southern lowlands are widely cultivated.


Southern coasts warmed by Gulf Stream. 

Northern areas have more extreme continental climate. 

People & Society:

The nuclear family forms the basis of society, but the marriage rate is one of the lowest in the world, and cohabitation is now common. 

The model welfare system is paid for by a high tax burden. 

Women are well represented at all levels. 

A minority of 20,000 Sámi lives in the far north. 

Most industries and the bulk of population are based in and around the southern cities.


Companies of global importance, including Volvo, Saab, SFK, Ericsson. 

Highly developed infrastructure. 

Up-todate technology. 

Skilled workforce.

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