Togo lies sandwiched between Ghana and Benin in west Africa. General Eyadema ruled from 1967–2005; his son succeeded him. Lomé port is an important entrepôt for regional trade.


Central forested region bounded by savanna lands to the north and south. 

Mountain range stretches southwest to northeast.


Coast hot and humid; drier inland. 

Rainy season March–July, with heaviest falls in the west.

People & Society:

Harsh resentment between Ewe in the south and Kabye in the north. 

Kabye control the military, but the north is less developed than the south. 

Extended family is important. 

Tribalism and nepotism are key factors in every day life. 

Some ethnic groups, such as the Mina, have matriarchal societies. 


Most people are farmers. 

Selfsufficient in staple foods. 

Togo’s main cash crops are coffee and cocoa: cotton has declined. 

Its phosphate deposits are the most mineral-rich in the world, but easily extractable reserves are depleted and the sector needs investment.

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