Lying partly in the region of eastern Thrace in Europe, but mostly in Asia, Turkey’s position gives it significant influence in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Middle East.


Asian Turkey (Anatolia) is dominated by two mountain ranges, separated by a high, semidesert plateau. 

Coastal regions are fertile.


Coast has a Mediterranean climate. 

Interior has cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers.

People & Society:

Despite racial diversity, Turkey has a strong sense of national identity, and close links with other Turkic states. 

Kurds, the largest minority, based in the southeast, have waged a violent campaign for greater autonomy intermittently since 1984. 

Islamist parties are challenging Turkey’s cherished identity as a secular state. 

It has applied to join the EU, though progress will be slow.


Liberalized economy, boosted by self-sufficient agriculture, and textiles, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. 

Route of Asian oil pipelines to Europe.

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