One of the world’s smallest, most isolated states, Tuvalu lies in the central Pacific. The nine islands were linked to the Gilbert Islands (Kiribati) as a UK colony until independence.


A series of coral atolls, none more than 15 ft (4.6 m) above sea level. 

Poor soils restrict vegetation to bush, coconut palms, and breadfruit trees.


Hot all year round. 

Heavy annual rainfall. 

Hurricane season brings many violent storms.

People & Society:

People are mostly Polynesian. 

Around half the population lives on Funafuti, where government jobs are based. 

Life is communal and traditional. 

Most people live by subsistence farming, digging pits out of the coral to grow crops. 

Fresh water is precious, due to frequent droughts.


World’s smallest economy. 

Remittances from Tuvaluan seafarers. 

Sale of fishing licenses. 

Copra, stamps, and coins exported. 

Income from trust fund and the lease of .tv Internet suffix.

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