Landlocked in east Africa, Uganda has a history of ethnic strife. Under President Museveni, steps have been taken to restore peace and to rebuild the economy and democracy.


Predominantly a large plateau with the Ruwenzori mountain range and the Great Rift Valley in the west. 

Lake Victoria lies to the southeast. 

Vegetation is of savanna type.


Altitude and the influence of the lakes modify the equatorial climate. 

Rain falls throughout the year; spring is the wettest period.

People & Society:

The mostly rural population comprises some 13 main ethnic groups. 

President Museveni has worked hard to break down ethnic animosities, but a noticeable north–south divide persists, with most development in the south. 

After two decades of brutal conflict with northern rebels, a final peace deal has been mediated but not yet signed; many refugees have returned home. 


Resource-rich, but undeveloped and poor. 

Exports coffee, fish, tea, and flowers. 

Oil exploration. 

Hydroelectric power is reducing oil imports. 

Great potential from mining. 

Debt relief.

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