Situated in southeastern South America, Uruguay returned to civilian government in 1985, after 12 years of military rule. Most land is used for farming: Uruguay is a major wool exporter.


Low, rolling grasslands cover 80% of the country. 

Narrow coastal plain. 

Alluvial floodplain in southwest. 

Five rivers flow westward and drain into the Uruguay River.


Temperate throughout the country. 

Warm summers, mild winters, and moderate rainfall.

People & Society:

Uruguayans are largely second-or third-generation Italians or Spaniards. 

Wealth derived from cattle ranching enabled the country to establish the first welfare state in South America. 

Despite economic decline since the 1950s, a large, if less prosperous, middle class remains. 

Though a Roman Catholic country, Uruguay is liberal in its attitude to religion and all forms are tolerated.


Exports wool, meat, hides, rice, wood, soya.

 Mineral potential.

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