Vatican City

The Vatican City, or Holy See, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, is a walled enclave in the Italian city of Rome. It is the world’s smallest fully independent state.


The Vatican’s territory includes 10 other buildings in Rome, plus the papal residence.

The Vatican Gardens cover half the City’s area.


Mild winters with regular rainfall. 

Hot, dry summers with occasional thunderstorms. 

People & Society:

The Vatican has about 800 permanent inhabitants, including over 100 lay persons. 

Thousands of lay staff are also employed. 

Citizenship can be acquired through long-term residence and holding a position within the City. 

The reigning pope has supreme legislative and judicial powers, and holds office for life. 

Though the Vatican City is officially neutral, papal opinion has a great influence on the world’s 1.1 billion Roman Catholics.


Investments and voluntary contributions made by Catholics worldwide (known as Peter’s Pence) are backed up by tourist revenue and the issue of Vatican stamps and coins.

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