Situated in southern Africa, Zimbabwe achieved independence from the UK in 1980. President Robert Mugabe, in power since then, has become increasingly authoritarian.


High plateaus in center bordered by Zambezi River in the north and Limpopo in the south.

Rivers crisscross central area.


Tropical, though moderated by the high altitude. 

Wet season November– March. Drought is common in the eastern highlands.

People & Society:

Two main ethnic groups: Shona in the north and east, and Ndebele in the south. 

Shona outnumber Ndebele by four to one. 

Whites are generally far more affluent than Blacks. 

Official efforts to redress this imbalance (such as land redistribution) have become increasingly aggressive. 


Undermined by mismanagement, corruption, and international isolation. 

High unemployment.